Ardie Geldman


Ardie Geldman was born and raised in Chicago.   He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in Jewish Communal Studies from Brandeis University and studied for an advanced degree in Sociology at the University of Chicago.

For most of his career Mr. Geldman has held senior positions in American-Jewish and Israeli non-profit organizations.  He has published numerous articles focusing on the American-Jewish community and its relations with Israel.

His family immigrated to Israel in 1982 and has been living in Efrat since 1985.  Since serving as an elected official on the Efrat Town Council in the 1990s Mr. Geldman has been speaking before groups of overseas visitors.  Most come through Christian auspices representing mainline Christian denominations, with occasional Mennonite, Quaker and Mormon delegations.  He is currently the founder and director of iTalkIsrael that offers up to a four-day educational and homestay program in Efrat for mainly “non-friendly” Christian groups.

Mr. Geldman is married to Ivonne, a psycho-therapist, with whom he shares six children and six grandchildren.

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