Reading List

Patrick Deneen, “Unsustainable Liberalism”, First Things.

Joshua Mitchell, “After Globalism and Identity Politics”, Providence.

Yoram Hazony, “Nationalism and the Future of Western Freedom”, Mosaic.

Russell Reno, “Christianity, Cosmopolitanism and the Crisis of National Identity”.

David Brog, “The Jewish People and the West: At the Crossroads”, Commentary.

Mitchell Rocklin and Howard Slugh, “Religious Freedom is Not an Indulgence”, National Review.

Gerald McDermott, “Fresh Theological Arguments for Zionism”, Public Discourse.

David Goldman, “Small-Ball Conservatism or National Greatness?”, PJMedia.

Mark Tooley, “Brexit and Godly Nationalism,” Providence.

David Brog and Yoram Hazony, “The Nationalist Spirit of 2016: A Conservative Spring?”, National Review.

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